Choosing the right partners determines project success.

MAY 2021

Choosing the right partners to support your project often determines the success of that project. What’s needed are vendors with subject matter expertise and a proven track record of success. 

Take, for example, our client (a lumber mill in North Carolina) needed to modernize its log yard. Needing seasoned subject matter experts, they chose to work with Crow Engineering and KM Machine out of North Carolina. The project was to design a new stem processing line that would run parallel to the site’s existing debarking and merchandising line. 

To help ensure success, Crow focused on the following elements: 
•    Smooth, consistent, and synchronized cooperation between partners
•    Direct and honest communication
•    Alignment of all stakeholders to each milestone throughout the project
•    Formal scheduled performance reviews throughout the process

Forest Product Expo 2021

This project had its complexities. Our clients wanted to reuse an existing stem feeder as part of the project. This required Crow to incorporate the stem feeder into its designs and work with KM Machine to produce highly detailed custom metalwork. 

Our clients also had the foresight to have Crow design a debarker and conveyor that would reuse their existing Cambio debarker. One goal here was to produce a design that would make the machine work now while also making it easy to replace at end of life.

Together, committed teams from the client-side, Crow Engineering, and KM Machine completed a design that integrated their existing portal crane layout while also rerouting log truck and traffic flows to optimize space and improve safety throughout the yard.

The result was a customized merchandising system built to maximize the log yard output. 

Ultimately, the key ingredient for a successful project when partnering with several companies is trust. Trust that each of your partners are competent enough to meet your expectations. Crow Engineering is incredibly proud of the reputation we have built throughout the industry over the past 53 years. Integrity, trust, honesty, and a desire for success are the pillars we are built on. We look forward to partnering with you. From maintenance process improvements to green- and brownfield opportunities, no project is too big or too small. 

From maintenance process improvements
to green- and brownfield opportunities,
no project is too big or too small.


Let us help you achieve success on your next project.
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