“We build world class facilities with design, efficiency, quality, and purpose in mind.”

Crow Engineering Est. 1968


More than 50 years ago, Crow Engineering Co. was founded by Gerald W. Crow, P.E., and specialized in mechanical engineering and planning, primarily for the forest products industry. Our firm was founded on and continues to subscribe to the principles of honesty, hard work, and technical quality.

Bradford Conrad Crow Engineering Co., was formed in 1992 in a merger between Crow Engineering Co. and the structural and civil engineering firm, Bradford and Associates, Inc. (formerly doing business as Dick W. Ebeling, Inc.). Merging these complementary companies was obvious for providing outstanding service to the forest products industry in addition to other industrial and commercial clients.

In August 2016, our company grew stronger as we brought new principals into the fold. We simplified the company name by changing it back to Crow Engineering to reflect our history. Today’s Crow Engineering leadership and key personnel are still on board, bridging the past and the future and continuing to provide quality design for our current and new clients.


Our team uses state-of-the-art tools, technology, and software in our design, analysis, and production work to ensure our designs are functional and cost-effective to construct. Our staff uses design tools including finite element analysis programs, Revit and other BIM technology, as well as AutoCAD. We have a library of standard components we’ve developed since 1989, in addition to the vast library of engineering and design projects from our nearly 50 years of experience.

One of the goals at Crow Engineering is to ensure our staff always provides the most effective engineering assistance for all projects along with individual and personalized attention to our clients’ needs. In pursuing this goal, we develop close working relationships with our clients and consequently enjoy repeat assignments and valued referrals.


Hunter Wylie

President & Director of Industrial Engineering

Hunter has successfully owned and managed engineering firms, and its many disciplines, for over 20 years. Since acquiring Crow Engineering in August 2016, Hunter has accelerated the growth of the company from 17 team members to 60. This has led Crow Engineering to obtain new clients and opportunities across the US. Hunter has built a culture within Crow Engineering that “values the 2nd call back more than the 1st”. Hunter and his team achieve this by listening to client needs, redefining the services we offer based on those needs, then formulating partnerships to provide those services accordingly. Hunter has a motto that he upholds diligently, “to win for our clients.”

John Zeitlin

Vice President

John is a seasoned executive with a consistent track record of accelerating revenue, profit, and shareholder value growth across emerging public and private companies. John has brought his prior experience as a President, CPO, and Director of Services to Crow Engineering as a visionary strategist known for leveraging creativity to establish the company with sustainable, long-term growth potential and lasting client value. John demonstrates effectiveness and decisiveness in leadership, coupled with unwavering integrity and character.

Carmen Tudose

Financial Controller

Carmen has over 18 years of finance/accounting experience with a strong mindset of client-service and process improvement. Upon Carmen’s arrival at Crow Engineering, she was a front runner in digitizing and restructuring the accounting department and its accompanying policies and procedures, generating high-level budgeting, forecasting, strategy, and financial analysis. In addition to her managerial responsibilities over the accounting department, Carmen also oversees Human Resources, implementing organizational leadership and a strong culture of accountability within the company. Carmen specializes in boosting company morale with a character of high energy, positivity, and team building initiatives, creating a fun and joyful workplace and a family style atmosphere with the employees.

Ira Crisp, P.E.

Structural Engineering Manager

Ira joined Crow Engineering in 2020 with 30+ years of experience ranging from commercial and industrial construction to heavy truck and oil field equipment design. He graduated from Oregon State University with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and holds a Professional Engineering license with the State of Oregon. At Crow, Ira leads the mechanical engineering team in the Beaverton office with a focus on delivering value to our clients through proven designs that are safe, efficient, and reliable. The team integrates state-of-the-art technology into the client’s facilities to help them maintain a competitive advantage. Many projects involve emerging technologies that use robotics, optimization through artificial intelligence (AI), and alternate uses for fiber.

Sudarsana "Reddy" Chilakala, P.E.

Structural Engineering Manager

Reddy  has over four decades experience of structural and geotechnical engineering.  Reddy’s team consists of ten personnel: four engineers and six designers/drafters.  Reddy obtained his graduate degree at Florida International University in structural engineering and holds engineering licenses in 15 states.  Reddy has utilized his passion in structural engineering throughout Saudi Arabia, India, Singapore, and the US.  Reddy is seasoned in residential, commercial, oil & gas, and manufacturing sectors of structural engineering.

Richard “Stacy” Nelson

Electrical & Controls Manager

Stacy has 30+ combined years of experience in manufacturing, construction, and consulting disciplines. Stacy brings a substantial amount of technical knowledge to Crow Engineering allowing the opportunity for us to provide electrical services to our clients. Stacy and his team provide PLC services to design a new system, upgrade an existing system or observe the current system and make recommendations on the efficiency of the process. Stacy and his team ensure that a client’s electrical designs are created to not only meet electrical codes but provide our clients with a system that is both reliable and easy to maintain.

Matt Lanier

Fabrication Engineering Manager

Matt has an expansive background in industrial engineering design, fabrication, and installation services. At Crow Engineering, Matt serves as the direct contact for mechanical and structural fabrication projects. Matt manages the mechanical design team of the Aberdeen, NC office for Crow Engineering’s remote personnel. Matt is responsible for project management, scheduling, budgeting, fabrication estimates, and overseeing mechanical design.

Bruce Conachan

Lead Project Manager

Bruce is Crow Engineering’s most tenured employee. He has been with the company since 1977, transitioning through multiple ownership changes. Bruce is the Lead Project Manager and is the main contact for all of Crow’s mechanical clients. Bruce consistently provides clients with exceptional customer service, working hard to meet and exceed their needs. With our clients located in different time zones, Bruce works all hours of the day to ensure projects are running smoothly.


Many may think of an engineering firm as a bunch of nerds behind some computer screens tinkering on AutoCAD and arguing with each other about whose approach is superior. The Crow Engineering culture is the exact opposite. Because we recognize that our employees are our biggest asset, our leadership team has carefully recruited a highly diverse team of individuals from a mixture of different backgrounds, genders, ages, and expertise.

Our team understands that collaboration is far more productive—and more fun—than a division of minds. We welcome challenging thoughts and new perspectives while working towards a common goal. We strive for our culture to continue tackling bigger and badder challenges, all while promoting trust, ingenuity, and entrepreneurship within our team.

What is our team made of?

Our team members come from all over the place and have a wide array of hobbies. We have millwrights, car enthusiasts, wives, husbands, farmers, outdoors enthusiasts, fencers, brand-new Americans, and many more.


Send us your resume, even if you don’t see a job posting online. And when you do, share a bit about yourself—we love to hear about the things you have built with your own two hands.

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