Construction Review

Crow Engineering offers comprehensive construction review services that ensure projects can be built efficiently, economically, and safely.

Crow Engineering’s Construction Review Services

We provide construction reviews that encompass a variety of aspects, from constructability to cost management. Crow Engineering provides expertise in new construction for Greenfield facilities as well as Brownfield projects such as building expansions. A constructability review is an integral part of our design and engineering services, particularly for Brownfield projects where facilities have been established for 20-50 years or more.

Constructability Review Process

Our construction reviews provide a thorough assessment of the project’s feasibility and practicality, considering the existing infrastructure and its potential integration with new systems. This includes a detailed evaluation of complex designs, conflicting materials, and construction methods that might hinder progress. Our goal is to ensure that all design aspects are practical, executable, and compatible with the existing environment.

To achieve this, our constructability review process begins with a comprehensive analysis of the current site conditions, including existing structures, utilities, and workflows. We then assess how these elements integrate with the proposed designs, identifying potential bottlenecks and conflicts. This early intervention allows us to address issues before construction begins, preventing costly delays and changes that could arise mid-project.

Our reviews also extend to supervising contractors on-site to ensure quality work and safe practices. We work closely with the construction team to adapt to unexpected challenges, making decisions swiftly to keep the project on track. By addressing potential problems early and providing ongoing support, we ensure that construction or expansion projects are completed efficiently, economically, and safely, meeting the client’s goals and maintaining high-quality standards throughout.

Crow’s constructability review process includes:

  • Problem Identification: We evaluate the project plans and specifications from a practical, hands-on perspective, identifying issues that might hinder construction. Our reviews also supervise contractors on-site to ensure quality and safe work.
  • Cost and Delay Reduction: By addressing issues early, we minimize costly delays and design changes that could arise during construction. This proactive approach also helps to keep plans on track and reduce potential revenue losses due to downtime.
  • Efficiency and Quality: Suggestions are made to streamline construction processes, enhancing coordination among different trades and optimizing resource use. This review ensures the design is practical and high-quality standards are maintained throughout.
  • Safety: We assess the design for potential safety issues, ensuring construction is completed without undue risk to workers or future users of the building.

Construction Review and Approval Process

Our construction review services also cover the review and approval process, working with regulatory bodies to ensure code compliance with relevant standards.

  • Planning & Zoning: Our team helps review design plans in line with land use applications and development codes, ensuring compliance with jurisdictional requirements and coordinating inspections as needed.
  • Development Services: Technical studies, including drainage and soil analysis, are undertaken to ensure the project’s feasibility and smooth progress.
  • Building Department: We collaborate with local jurisdictions and building departments to check plans, issue permits, and conduct inspections, ensuring construction adheres to regulations and maintains quality standards.

Comprehensive Commercial Constructability Reviews

Crow Engineering’s commercial constructability reviews are designed to cover every aspect of the project’s execution, ensuring comprehensive oversight and smooth progress.

Our reviews encompass the following key elements:

  • Civil Plans: These plans cover the site’s layout, including roadways, parking lots, and grading, ensuring the facility integrates seamlessly with its surroundings.
  • Stormwater Plans: These plans address drainage and runoff management, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and preventing potential water-related issues.
  • Landscaping Plans: Covering green spaces, gardens, and outdoor areas, these plans enhance the facility’s aesthetics and functionality while ensuring compliance with relevant guidelines.
  • Architectural Plans: Detailing the facility’s design, these plans cover its layout, appearance, and functionality, ensuring the project’s success from a visual and practical perspective.
  • Structural Plans: These plans outline the building’s framework, ensuring it meets safety and durability standards while supporting the project’s overall design.
  • Mechanical Plans: Addressing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, these plans ensure efficient and comfortable climate control throughout the facility.
  • Plumbing Plans: Covering water supply, drainage, and sanitary systems, these plans ensure the facility’s plumbing infrastructure meets all regulatory standards.
  • Electrical Plans: These plans detail the facility’s electrical infrastructure, including power distribution, lighting, and communication systems, ensuring reliable and safe operations.
  • Fire Alarm and Life Safety System Plans: These plans provide comprehensive safety measures, ensuring the facility is equipped with fire alarms, emergency exits, and life-saving systems that meet all relevant codes and standards.
  • Supporting Calculations and Specifications: To further ensure comprehensive project oversight, we provide supporting calculations, specifications, and other requirements based on the project’s nature, ensuring smooth execution and compliance with all regulations.

By covering every aspect of the project’s execution, Crow Engineering’s constructability reviews provide comprehensive oversight, helping ensure efficient, economical, and safe completion of commercial construction projects.

Keeping Construction Projects on Track

Our construction review services offer full-time management, scheduling, and vendor management to ensure projects stay on track. Our leadership on-site minimizes downtime, keeps outages to a minimum, and provides ongoing support throughout the project’s life, reducing the biggest costs associated with construction delays.

We have extensive experience working with various contractors and subcontractors across multiple construction fields, ensuring effective collaboration and coordination throughout the project. This comprehensive approach guarantees successful project execution, reducing downtime, and ensuring that your construction project is completed on time and within budget.

Ensuring Successful Construction Project Execution

Crow Engineering’s construction review services ensure successful project execution, from planning and design to completion. By conducting constructability reviews, overseeing the review and approval process, and providing full-time management, we help ensure projects are efficient, cost-effective, and safe, reducing downtime and maximizing success.

Crow Engineering offers comprehensive plant engineering, layout design, and automation solutions tailored to diverse industries. Our expertise covers electrical, mechanical, and control systems engineering, delivering innovative and reliable results for efficient, sustainable operations. Contact us today to learn how we can support your project with construction review services.

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