Industrial Plant Engineering Design and Layout

A facility that is optimized for maximum efficiency and throughput is able to meet production requirements with quality products delivered on time. An efficient plant layout contributes to increased productivity and profitability. This is proving more and more difficult for production plants across many industries due to a lack of staffing options, or challenges to keep up with technological advances. Optimizing your facility, equipment, and production processes is critical to survive and thrive in any market.

effective process optimization

Crow Engineering provides these industrial plant engineering services to deliver plant layout optimization solutions that propel your business into a more productive, profitable, and competitive landscape.

Crow Engineering Specializes In…

Capital Planning

  • Concept Development
  • Preliminary Process Design, Plant Layouts
  • Capital budgeting
  • Labor Forecasting
  • Operations and Production Forecasting
  • Project Justification, ROI
  • As-Built Drawing Development

Capital Project Deployment

  • Full-service engineering – equipment, structural, civil and electrical design.
  • Project Management
  • Vendor Procurement and Oversight.
  • Construction engineering and management

Maintenance and Optimization Projects

  • Automating unsafe or difficult-to-staff positions
  • Reducing process variability
  • Re-design of equipment, controls, and utilities to eliminate reliability issues

Custom Machinery Design

  • Material Handling Equipment
    • Transfers
    • Residuals
    • Conveyance
  • Custom Saw Centers
  • Modifications to Existing Equipment

    Plant Layout Optimization Process

    Crow industrial process engineers possess vast experience in providing industrial plant engineering solutions that are focused on improving your bottom line.

    Evaluation of Facility and Equipment

    We sit down with you to fully understand your current situation and what your goals are. We roll up our sleeves and walk through your plant to analyze your processes and challenges. We listen to your concerns and challenges to achieving your goals. We use as-built drawings if you have them, or our skilled process engineers can create them for you, to break down areas of opportunity that can be optimized.

    Plant Layout Optimization Tools

    Crow Engineering utilizes the latest process engineering tools, including 2D and 3D drawings, Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology, 3D laser scanning, material flow analysis, and a variety of engineering components to provide the most advantageous plant layout scenarios. Our engineers understand the challenges facing production companies today and the need to implement practical solutions that reduce operating costs and maximize your ROI.

    We can analyze the energy efficiency of your plant operations and provide cost-saving solutions and product line enhancements. Crow has experience in conveyor and transfer engineering and design, machinery and equipment layouts, and product line enhancements.

    Process Improvements and Technology Advances

    Our plant layout optimization includes solutions for maximum productivity, staffing, manufacturing costs, and product recovery. Our engineers help companies realize the advantages of advanced technology and provide options for integrating new equipment to modernize plant operations. Our teams are currently helping clients evaluate new technologies such as AI, robotics, and other advanced control devices to optimize their processes.

    Equipment Optimization

    Crow analyzes your current equipment and alternative equipment configurations to provide Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) improvement. Our team of engineers provides solutions for outdated equipment if you have maintenance issues due to obsolete parts or a lack of support. We can help with special equipment design and PLC/control upgrades to maximize productivity or integrate new equipment.

    Crow performs all coordination with OEM vendors for integration into your overall plant and product line layout, acting as an extension of your execution team. We consider all machinery and equipment concerns, including maintenance, reliability, and vendor support.

    Vendor Management

    Crow process engineers have established working relationships with a multitude of vendors and contractors across North America to help deliver your project. We’ll introduce you to vendors that match your project requirements to provide the most advantageous plant optimization scenario. As we fine-tune your plant layout and optimization plan, we get firm quotes and timelines and provide you with full access to all information via our cloud-hosting platform.

    Project Management

    Our team includes project and construction managers who are available to oversee your entire project, including all onsite project management.

    Material Flow and Material Handling Systems

    Crow Engineering offers extensive experience in developing successful material handling systems for companies in the wood products and bulk handling industries. We specialize not only in the layout but the design of specific pieces of equipment to provide the most efficient flow of material.

    Our industrial plant engineering solutions eliminate bottlenecks in your process with an efficient flow of material from receipt of raw materials to shipment. If your material handling system is underperforming, Crow can design a custom solution around your existing processes. If you have a difficult material handling problem, we want to see it!


    Crow Engineering provides comprehensive plant layout optimization solutions for companies of all sizes with specialization in wood products, cold storage, warehousing, heavy industrial, food processing facilities, and other commercial and industrial businesses.

    We offer more than 50 years of experience in modernizing plant processes to meet our client’s productivity and profitability goals. Contact us to take your operation to the next level and maximize your ROI from leaders in industrial plant engineering.


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