Controls Engineering Solutions

Crow Engineering is your trusted partner in controls engineering, where innovation meets precision to power your automation needs. Our custom-built machine control solutions are designed to take your automation processes to the next level, ensuring efficiency, reliability, and seamless operation. Discover how our control system engineering can transform your industrial landscape.

At Crow Engineering, we specialize in delivering comprehensive controls engineering solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

Our services encompass:

Custom Built Machine Control Engineering Solutions

Our team members can build custom controls solutions around your process needs. We offer system solutions with Rockwell and other Automation control systems for new equipment and for modifications on existing systems. If you are looking to optimize your existing controls systems, our team understands how to maximize the efficiency of your systems.

Custom HMI Operating Systems

HMI operating systems are all individually programmed and made to your requirements. Large-size touch displays are available to support the enhanced visualization of process control and make the operation of the most sophisticated processes as easy as possible.

Network Integration

Our expertise ensures seamless integration and communication between your automation components. We work with Ethernet, ControlNet, DeviceNet, Modbus, and other networks. Whether it’s individual machines or networked plants with multiple control points, we’ve got you covered.

Modular and Adaptable

We understand that every project is unique. That’s why our solutions are modular and adaptable to various requirements, ensuring flexibility and scalability. Our in-house process controls engineering team is well-equipped to meet your custom control system needs, ensuring precision and reliability.

Experienced Process Control Engineers

Our process control engineers provide state-of-the-art control engineering solutions that are modular and adaptable to various requirements. We offer decades of experience and access to developed vendor relationships for the availability of parts worldwide.

We understand that some clients may have PLC systems that are outdated and no longer supported. That’s where our expertise shines. We help you modernize your controls, upgrade to the latest technology, and ensure seamless operation. Whether it’s upgrading your existing PLC or finding a suitable replacement, Crow Engineering has the solutions you need to keep your automation processes running smoothly.

In the past, clients often faced challenges when relying on electrical contractors to purchase devices, leading to frequent issues. However, Crow Engineering has revolutionized the process by empowering clients to procure devices independently, saving time and money, and building valuable relationships with distributors. Modernize and upgrade your controls with Crow’s process control engineers.

Elevate Your Automation with Crow’s Controls Engineering Solutions

Don’t let outdated controls hold your operations back. Crow Engineering provides state-of-the-art controls engineering solutions that are at the forefront of technology, ensuring that your automation processes stay ahead of the curve.

Crow Engineering offers access to cutting-edge technology and expertise, ensuring top-tier solutions for our clients. Partner with Crow Engineering to unlock the full potential of your automation systems. Contact us today to elevate your industrial processes to new heights with experienced controls engineering solutions.


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