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Longview, WA


During the first phase of this program, we provided initial site planning services and +/-30% construction estimates in support of developing the facility. Our site plans included multiple options for developing the property and the costs/risk associated with each option. Once a final site plan was selected and capital budgets approved, Crow Engineering furnished the full design and engineering services for the facility. We leveraged our experience and historical data and were able to use 95% of the warehouse’s square footage capacity, with seven 5-ton overhead bridge cranes installed throughout the manufacturing facility.

We also designed their 5,000 square feet, two-story office area that was built into the facility—including bathrooms, offices, lockers, team rooms, and storage for all personnel. Because it is located near a residential area, we had to consider a variety of site planning considerations. For example, machine and equipment placement was crucial to mitigate sound disturbances to existing residents.

Many environmental considerations were made so that residual water and runoff did not flow into the Columbia River. We reviewed Best Management Practices (BMPs) with key stakeholders to ensure that all regulations were followed. The largest challenge for this site was the extremely poor soil quality and dewatering needs in support of the site development.

Our engineering team developed an extremely complex and dense piling arrangement to support the heavy industrial use occurring at this facility. After many years of use, the client has not had to realign complicated processing equipment based on the quality and efficacy of our foundation and piling designs.

Crow Engineering was the lead consultant for multiple phases of the Weyerhaeuser Longview project. Over a span of years, Crow worked on the export and log processing facility, planing mill, sawmill, and log yard.

  • Redesign for debarker replacement
  • Engineering and design for for new log feeder and high speed debarker
  • New kicker addition
  • Replace log kickers with new E-Sweeps
  • Lumber stacker and planer mill inkjet system modernization
  • MSR bypass system for high speed planer line addition
  • Layout, design, and engineering for completely new greenfield, dual line log processor, and sawmill
  • Ongoing upgrade project support
  • Engineering and design for log yard paving project
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