Industrial engineering/wood products
Diashowa ship loading

Port Angeles, Washington


Crow Engineering provided the project engineering and conveyor system design on chip plant modifications and a new ship loading facility installation. The goal was to increase the chip-loading rate from 400 TPH to 1200 TPH without causing any additional chip discharge to the waterway.

The capacity of the existing reclaim conveyor was increased by threefold. A new 60″ wide conveyor (86 feet tall and 430 feet long) was installed to convert the system from a “long-blow” system to a “short-blow” system. A new tower with a ship-loading boom was installed on a new marine foundation.

During Phase 2, Crow Engineering was hired to design a state-of-the-art barge unloading system including the “Slave Barge,” onboard chip reclaim conveyor and transition conveyor, new articulating conveyor to dock, 250 feet long dock-supported chip conveyor, and rotary stacker for pile creation.

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