Meacham Maintenance Station Design

CLIENT: Oregon Department of Transportation

ENGINEERS: Joe Kurth, Jennifer Veldorale, Chad Corkern


PARTNERS/VENDORS:  Soderstrom Architects, GRI, Cundiff Engineering, TriVector


In late 2017, Crow Engineering was awarded the planning, design, and engineering of a $10M maintenance facility for the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) in Meacham, Oregon. The initial scope of our services included providing complex site planning arrangements that optimized the dispatch, maintenance, and storage of their snowplow and road maintenance fleets. In addition to the fleet needs, the location is sitting in an old quarry with poor soil conditions and no capability to support the septic systems for this facility.

ODOT’s Meacham Maintenance Station facility is the Agency’s home base for highway maintenance on Interstate 84 through the Blue Mountains between La Grande and Pendleton. Facility functions include maintenance vehicle dispatch, equipment servicing, minor repairs, material and tool storage, fueling, de-icing, stockpiling of road sand and salt, and crew areas.

ODOT has been planning for decades to invest in a replacement of the Meacham Maintenance Station. This investment will coincide with snow zone safety improvements on I-84, and will improve highway maintenance response times on I-84 and crew efficiency, as well as reduce wear and tear on agency equipment, and save on energy costs.

The new facility includes:

  • A 27,000 square foot primary maintenance building, with heated storage bays for critical rolling stock such as snow plows and light fleet, mechanic’s bay, storage for material and tools, equipment wash bay, and crew area
  • A 6,700 square foot non-heated storage building for rolling stock and equipment that require covered storage, but not heat
  • A 12,000 square foot membrane-covered storage bunker for ODOT’s road sand and salt products
  • Fuel, de-icer, and other material storage
  • A new radio tower at the highest elevation on the property to improve radio signal over the Blue Mountains for ODOT and other response crews

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