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Cottage Grove, Oregon


Crow Engineering executed two major building and machinery upgrades that included significant bridge crane upgrades and significant machinery re-design.

Phase #1 – Log Deck Installation

The first phase of this project included the upgrade of the log deck, which included the complete turnkey design of an outdoor log deck that included an overhead bridge crane and hydraulic log loaders.

Phase #2 – Plant Modernization

The second project phase at this site involved the upgrade of the current sawing systems to a modernized solution. This solution required a significant upgrade to the bridge crane systems, roof, supporting members, piling and foundation for the entire building. Crow Engineering helped Weyerhaeuser save >$500k in capital expenses by being able to re-purpose the current facility on site. In this change we were able to significantly increase the roof capacity, add a bridge crane system that was over 2.5x the capacity of the current system, and increase the span and reach of the crane system. In parallel, Crow Engineering engineered all of the support systems needed to fi t in the new saw equipment into the new space.

For both programs, Crow Engineering was onsite regularly with the clients through the estimation, design, and construction phases of the project. Design input was taken from plant management, project management, maintenance managers and floor personnel for each of these projects. Crow held team meetings on site for Weyerhaeuser personnel that included 12 plus team members from various roles across the organization. In addition to this, Crow also took part in and coordinated key vendor meetings for critical machine tool suppliers. This coordination gave Weyerhaeuser one key point of contact for all design related activities.

In both of these programs Crow Engineering accomplished the following:

  • 5% Accuracy in Project Estimation Costs
  • On time delivery of shop drawings for procurement bidding
  • On call support during construction phase to support change management
  • Crow Engineering designed a foundation system that could be put in place during factory operations.
Additional Wood Product/Industrial Projects
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