Meacham Maintenance Station Design

CLIENT: Oregon Department of Transportation

ENGINEERS: Joe Kurth, Jennifer Veldorale, Chad Corkern


PARTNERS/VENDORS:  Soderstrom Architects, GRI, Cundiff Engineering, TriVector


In late 2017, Crow Engineering was awarded the planning, design, and engineering of a $10M maintenance facility for the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) in Meacham, Oregon. The initial scope of our services included providing complex site planning arrangements that optimized the dispatch, maintenance, and storage of their snowplow and road maintenance fleets. In addition to the fleet needs, the location is sitting in an old quarry with poor soil conditions and no capability to support the septic systems for this facility.

ODOT’s Meacham Maintenance Station facility is the Agency’s home base for highway maintenance on Interstate 84 through the Blue Mountains between La Grande and Pendleton. Facility functions include maintenance vehicle dispatch, equipment servicing, minor repairs, material and tool storage, fueling, de-icing, stockpiling of road sand and salt, and crew areas.

ODOT has been planning for decades to invest in a replacement of the Meacham Maintenance Station. This investment will coincide with snow zone safety improvements on I-84, and will improve highway maintenance response times on I-84 and crew efficiency, as well as reduce wear and tear on agency equipment, and save on energy costs.

The new facility includes:

  • A 27,000 square foot primary maintenance building, with heated storage bays for critical rolling stock such as snow plows and light fleet, mechanic’s bay, storage for material and tools, equipment wash bay, and crew area
  • A 6,700 square foot non-heated storage building for rolling stock and equipment that require covered storage, but not heat
  • A 12,000 square foot membrane-covered storage bunker for ODOT’s road sand and salt products
  • Fuel, de-icer, and other material storage
  • A new radio tower at the highest elevation on the property to improve radio signal over the Blue Mountains for ODOT and other response crews

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wood products/industrial ENGINEERING

Cottage Grove, Oregon


Crow Engineering executed two major building and machinery upgrades that included significant bridge crane upgrades and significant machinery re-design.

Phase #1 – Log Deck Installation

The first phase of this project included the upgrade of the log deck, which included the complete turnkey design of an outdoor log deck that included an overhead bridge crane and hydraulic log loaders.

Phase #2 – Plant Modernization

The second project phase at this site involved the upgrade of the current sawing systems to a modernized solution. This solution required a significant upgrade to the bridge crane systems, roof, supporting members, piling and foundation for the entire building. Crow Engineering helped Weyerhaeuser save >$500k in capital expenses by being able to re-purpose the current facility on site. In this change we were able to significantly increase the roof capacity, add a bridge crane system that was over 2.5x the capacity of the current system, and increase the span and reach of the crane system. In parallel, Crow Engineering engineered all of the support systems needed to fi t in the new saw equipment into the new space.

For both programs, Crow Engineering was onsite regularly with the clients through the estimation, design, and construction phases of the project. Design input was taken from plant management, project management, maintenance managers and floor personnel for each of these projects. Crow held team meetings on site for Weyerhaeuser personnel that included 12 plus team members from various roles across the organization. In addition to this, Crow also took part in and coordinated key vendor meetings for critical machine tool suppliers. This coordination gave Weyerhaeuser one key point of contact for all design related activities.

In both of these programs Crow Engineering accomplished the following:

  • 5% Accuracy in Project Estimation Costs
  • On time delivery of shop drawings for procurement bidding
  • On call support during construction phase to support change management
  • Crow Engineering designed a foundation system that could be put in place during factory operations.
Additional Wood Product/Industrial Projects

Weyerhaeuser – WA

Weyerhaeuser – WA

Wood Products/Industrial ENGINEERING

Longview, WA


During the first phase of this program, we provided initial site planning services and +/-30% construction estimates in support of developing the facility. Our site plans included multiple options for developing the property and the costs/risk associated with each option. Once a final site plan was selected and capital budgets approved, Crow Engineering furnished the full design and engineering services for the facility. We leveraged our experience and historical data and were able to use 95% of the warehouse’s square footage capacity, with seven 5-ton overhead bridge cranes installed throughout the manufacturing facility.

We also designed their 5,000 square feet, two-story office area that was built into the facility—including bathrooms, offices, lockers, team rooms, and storage for all personnel. Because it is located near a residential area, we had to consider a variety of site planning considerations. For example, machine and equipment placement was crucial to mitigate sound disturbances to existing residents.

Many environmental considerations were made so that residual water and runoff did not flow into the Columbia River. We reviewed Best Management Practices (BMPs) with key stakeholders to ensure that all regulations were followed. The largest challenge for this site was the extremely poor soil quality and dewatering needs in support of the site development.

Our engineering team developed an extremely complex and dense piling arrangement to support the heavy industrial use occurring at this facility. After many years of use, the client has not had to realign complicated processing equipment based on the quality and efficacy of our foundation and piling designs.

Crow Engineering was the lead consultant for multiple phases of the Weyerhaeuser Longview project. Over a span of years, Crow worked on the export and log processing facility, planing mill, sawmill, and log yard.

  • Redesign for debarker replacement
  • Engineering and design for for new log feeder and high speed debarker
  • New kicker addition
  • Replace log kickers with new E-Sweeps
  • Lumber stacker and planer mill inkjet system modernization
  • MSR bypass system for high speed planer line addition
  • Layout, design, and engineering for completely new greenfield, dual line log processor, and sawmill
  • Ongoing upgrade project support
  • Engineering and design for log yard paving project
Additional Wood Product/Industrial Projects

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Roseburg Forest Products

Roseburg Forest Products

Roseburg Forest Products

Dillard, Oregon


Crow Engineering was the lead consultant for multiple projects at Roseburg Forest Products’ Dillard location. Projects included a fuel house, log processor, planing mill, and stud mill.

  • Revised existing fuel house infeed and reclaim from bottom hydraulic ram discharge to five overhead reclaimers
  • New infeed conveyor system designed with options to store specific fuel in one of the five fuel bins with overhead reclaimers
  • Log man log density installation
  • Residual conveyor upgrades
  • Bucking system upgrade
  • Planer infeed upgrades
  • Planer outfeed including sorter infeed upgrades
  • Sorter extension
  • Trimmer addition
  • Bander replacement
  • Grade scanner installation
  • MSR Installation
Additional industrial/wood products projects

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California Redwood Company

California Redwood Company

california redwood CO.

Samoa, California



Crow Engineering, Inc. was contracted to perform a structural assessment of the California Redwood Company chip loading facility adjacent to the Evergreen Pulp Mill in Samoa, California.

The dock structure consists of the combination of a timber pile finger dock which extends approximately 700 feet over the water, a timber pile supported central platform, and a steel pipe pile supported concrete deck and pile caps which support the main town structure.

The conveyor is supported on four timber bents utilizing full height timber piles and four steel bents that are supported by concrete pile caps on steel pipe piles. Additionally, a series of steel pipe pile dolphins with concrete caps, connected by a timber walkway extend both directions from the main dock structure, including one timber dolphin on the south extension.

Additional Industrial & Wood Product Engineering Projects

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