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by | Nov 6, 2020 | News

Now serving the industry with a new office in North Carolina.

New office expansion enables Crow to serve Southeastern customers closer with services including upgrade support, maintenance projects, greenfield design, and turnkey solutions.

The decision to expand our physical presence into the Southeast was a logical step in our business growth strategy. The area is rich with diverse talent from well-known prestigious colleges and universities, as well as an area that we have seen significant growth from our existing clientele. This office has allowed us to significantly expand our Southeast presence and deepen our engineering and project management expertise. This commitment to the Southeast region has already greatly increased our ability to service both new and existing clients within the forestry and building products industries.

Hunter Wylie

President, Crow Engineering


Over 50 Years Serving the Forest Industry Throughout the U.S.

More than 50 years ago, Crow Engineering Co. was founded by Gerald W. Crow, P.E., and specialized in mechanical engineering and planning, primarily for the forest products industry. Our firm was founded on and continues to subscribe to the principles of honesty, hard work, and technical quality. In 1992, Crow Engineering Co. and Bradford and Associates, Inc. merges to form the newly named company, Bradford Conrad Crow Engineering Co., a multi-discipline engineering company. In 2016, new ownership takes over. The new ownership retained all personnel and re-brands the company back to its original name of Crow Engineering. Since the acquisition, the company has doubled in size adding key team members and specific skills while embracing up-to-date technologies including Allen-Bradley certification, BIM, and other 3-D design tools.

With the opening of the office in the Southeast, Crow will continue to grow our engineering and customer service support and capabilities for customers. New services will range from simple upgrades and maintenance projects to designing greenfield projects and delivering turnkey solutions. Our success is driven by our ability to listening to each customer’s needs in order to successfully create solutions while accounting for production, safety, and quality goals allowing us to deliver ultimate customer satisfaction. These are the principles that made Crow the industries engineering and project management firm of choice for over 50 years and they will be the same principles that will drive our success for the next 50 years.


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